10 Best Laptop Bags Reviews-2019

10 Best Laptop Bags Reviews-2019

Laptop bags are essential for securing laptops while on the go, to avoid serious damage. The best laptop bags fit snuggly for safe transport, are highly durable and have sufficient space to stow accessories. We have produced a list of the top ten laptop bags that guarantee your laptop’s safety.

10.Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Messenger Bag

Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Messenger Bag
First up is the Eco-Friendly and we think it is a great messenger style bag with a spacious interior and various pockets for other accessories. It’s great for large laptops measuring 17.3″ and it is also padded for damage protection. We like that it has a handy pockets for papers, electronic cords, a slot for our cell phone and writing utensils. The shoulder strap is adjustable and when fully extended measures 53″ making it ideal for tall people. The only thing we can pass on is the oddly placed handle that makes for awkward handling.

9.Snugg Laptop Messenger Bag

Snugg Laptop Messenger Bag
What we love about the Snugg Laptop bag is every pocket is internal with a zipper close, making it a great on-the-go or travel piece. It offers a large interior for notebooks up to 15″ and two smaller pockets for an iPad, Kindle and paper notepad. If you’re looking to stay organized this is a top contender because there are sleeves for electronic cords, writing tools, passports and a cell phone. It is a high quality piece design wise and the PU leather looks really nice – but we could definitely go without the blood red interior.

8.Samsonite Classic Three Gusset

Samsonite Classic Three Gusset
If you’re like us and you don’t care for the Snugg’s bright red interior, we highly suggest you try the Samsonite classic. The Samsonite costs nearly the same, is protected by zippers and offers plenty of storage space – but we like this one a little more because it can fit larger laptops, (though advertised for 15″ laptops, we found our 17″ PC to fit like a glove) and it has a swivel shoulder strap for easy mobility. The coolest feature here is the SmartPocket that slides over upright luggage handles making it ideal for business travel.

7.Targus CitySmart Slipcase

Targus CitySmart Slipcase
We suggest the Targus CitySmart laptop bag if you’re wanting to cut down on bulk for easy laptop portability. It has a great padded laptop compartment that accommodates sizes up to 16″, and a large exterior for document. We like its back Velcro pocket that makes for quick tablet, cell phone or car key access. We give it extra points for being water resistant, and having a comfortable swivel shoulder strap. It’s a great choice especially for those constantly on the run.

6.Case Logic Security Bag

Case Logic Security Bag
Whether you’re taking your laptop to work or through airport security, you are going to want the Case Logic laptop bag. We love that it is TSA compliant, thanks to its special laptop compartment that unfolds to be x-rayed without removing it from the case. Its greatest aspect are the endless pockets – it has a pocket for an iPad or Kindle, a place for important folders and documents, slots for passports, boarding passes, cell phones, electronic cords, business cards, a newspaper and wallet. It’s a great piece to keep you organized for when you’re constantly on the move.

5.Samsonite Classic Shuttle

Samsonite Classic Shuttle
If you’re looking for a durable and low capacity laptop bag, the Samsonite Classic 15.6″ bag is a great choice. Sometimes you don’t need a massive laptop bag with extra space and we like that the Samsonite offers just enough room for accessories, while still remaining compact. Not only that, but it makes for faster and easier access. We like that it is padded head to toe so we don’t have to worry how our laptop is holding up, and it offers both a shoulder strap and wrapped handles for carrying comfort.

4.Case Logic DLC-115 Laptop Bag

Case Logic DLC-115 Laptop Bag
This Case Logic laptop bag is smaller than our number 6 spot because it offers less pockets, but it is still a highly efficient piece. Its one large interior pocket has plenty of room for a 16″ laptop and a 10″ tablet, and it has an organization pocket that is great for papers, electronic cords, and personal items like a passport or cell phone. We love that it easily fits over an upright luggage handle for travel, and it has a cool zipper pocket on the back to keep your cell phone close to your side.

3.Gootium 21108 Laptop Bag

Gootium 21108 Laptop Bag
Leather strapped bags usually make us nervous since they don’t tend to hold up well, but alas, the Gootium laptop bag has proved us wrong. It not only looks great, but the quality is top notch and all zippers and magnets work as they should. What we really love about the bag is the silk lined interior that makes the bag very lightweight Keep in mind that it’s on the smaller scale and it best for laptops measuring 14.5″. If you’re looking for a business and casual friendly laptop bag, this is a solid choice.

2.Case Logic VNA-216 Laptop Bag

Case Logic VNA-216 Laptop Bag
We really love the 16″ Case Logic laptop bag for several reasons. First, it’s slim and compact for those who don’t need extra bulk, the front pocket doesn’t become deformed even when you pack it with accessories and electrical cords, and it has a convenient special pocket for USB drives. The handles and shoulder strap are comfortable, and it has a luggage strap for traveling. It’s simple, low costing and protects our laptop as it should.

1.AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag

AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag
AmazonBasics has made the perfect laptop bag that is lightweight, constructed well and offers just enough protection to minimize bulk. We also appreciate that they have made this bag in various sizes to accommodate laptops measuring from 7″ to 17.3″, and it has a really nice accessory pouch that is great for cords, mice and writing tools. Padding here is minimal, so if you want super plush protection you won’t find it. But you will find ease of use and comfort, whether you’re using the handles or shoulder strap.

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