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BumpBoxx Introduction

We all are mad about music, no matter we are at a party or we are hanging out in a car with a group of friends. All we need is an amazing music with some great beat system which can pump up the party animal inside all of us. It’s not possible for everyone to afford such heavy music systems which should be loud enough to make your crazy.

BumpBoxx is one of the best places which is here to fulfill your wish of having a great music system. Their aim is “Buy now, Pay later”. Bumpboxx is a company which is providing specialized audio equipment for outdoor and home. The company is bringing the best audio equipment to you to tickle your ears with the best beats. Now you can own your audio equipment and can pay in installments as per your convenient. HIFIMAN also provides portable audio products and headphones. Get 50% discount using Coupon Code.


If you are a music freak and you are looking for something extraordinary in a system with classic sound as well then you are at the right place. Bumpboxx is providing the quality sound system with the natural and clear sound without interruptions. Every system of the Bumboxx has Bluetooth system which can help you in connecting it anywhere. It has a real crowd-gathering power with the power of 380 watts in speakers.

Every music system of the bumpboxx is suitable for your family night out, friend’s party or for the karaoke nights. You can always count on the beat and clear sound of the audio system. Another thing which is best about these systems is that each and every system is tested in terms of sound and beat to avoid any distortion or unnecessary stops. Every product of the bumpboxx is warranted for one year in case of any problem. It has 12 hours play timing which is long enough to end any party.


There are 3 categories in the audio systems of bumpboxx.

Loud System: The loud system of the bumpboxx named “Flare6/Flare8” which is smaller and lighter is starting from the value $239 to $339. You can have this system in just $19/month.

Louder System: The next system in the audio systems category is louder and the name of the system is “Freestyle V3S”. The price of the system starts at $595. You can have this system as low as $49/month.

Loudest System: Another category which is the loudest system category is expensive as compared to the others. The name of the system is “Uprock V1S” and the price is starting at $895. You can have this system at $79/month.

Parts And Accessories: Parts and accessories are also available for the systems V3, V3S, Uprock V1 with different prices. Other equipment like Bluetooth, Wireless Microphone, Woofers and others are available.


The pricing of the product is quite suitable and easy to afford. Anyone can have these systems from the categories of loud, louder and loudest on the installments. You can have loud on $19/month, louder at $49/month and loudest at $79/month. The pricing range of the bumpboxx system range is affordable and easy to pay. Justola provides the best Bluetooth & Electronic Accessories. Get 15% Off using Coupon.


Bumpboxx is kind of a revolution in the life of music lovers who love to have every equipment which should be loud and clear but can’t afford. Now you can choose your own system and can pay monthly in installments. It’s a long time play hour is something extraordinary. The high-quality audio is a perfect blend of beat and clear sound. The power of the woofer is amazing and it can actually turn you up in the party mood out of the soberness. Go and grab your favorite system in suitable installments. For best music instrument accessories visit Ranch Guitar.

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