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10 Best Gaming PCs Reviews-2019

10 Best Gaming PCs Reviews-201910.Acer Predator AG3-605-URH1 Gaming Desktop Price, Info, & Pics Up first on our countdown of the top 10 gaming PCs is the Predator AG3-605-URH1 Gaming Desktop from Acer. This is one of the most advanced, powerful machines on our list, and for all its computing capabilities, it’s still actually a reasonable price. The Predator packs... Read More »

5 Best Wireless Router Reviews-2019

5 Best Wireless Router Reviews-2019Wireless routers let you create a Wi-Fi network in your home or office without the hassle of running cables everywhere. But your network is only as good as the wireless router behind it. We look at expert and user reviews to find the best wireless routers for Mac and Windows users, as well as the... Read More »

3 Best Game Console Reviews-2019

3 Best Game Console Reviews-2019Video game consoles aren’t just playing games anymore. All let you enjoy some or lots of media from the Internet, and some play back DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. We look at the latest systems, including the Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U, and name the top choices for serious high-end gaming, casual... Read More »

7 Best Tablet Computer Reviews-2019

7 Best Tablet Computer Reviews-2019Tablets have taken the world by storm, led by Apple’s iPad. Challengers from Google, Amazon, Samsung and others threaten the iPad’s once-dominant position, while cheap tablets from familiar names — and some not-so-familiar ones — provide surprisingly good performance at a rock bottom price. We scour expert reviews and user feedback to learn about the... Read More »

2 Best Laptop Bag Reviews-2019

2 Best Laptop Bag Reviews-2019The right laptop case can make the difference between an easy commute and an aching back –or worse, a damaged computer. To find the best choices, we consulted reviews from a dozen different sources, including hands-on professional tests and reviews from owners at retail sites. Based on these reviews, we identified two backpacks and two... Read More »

4 Best External Hard Drive Reviews-2019

4 Best External Hard Drive Reviews-2019Whether you need a little extra breathing room for your large multimedia files or a lifeboat for your precious data should disaster strike, you will find that external hard drives are cheaper, more reliable and easier to use than ever. ConsumerSearch looks at expert opinions and user feedback to find the best backup drives, with... Read More »

6 Best Desktop Computer Reviews-2019

6 Best Desktop Computer Reviews-2019If you don’t need the portability of a laptop computer, a desktop computer still provides the best bang for the buck. ConsumerSearch profiles the best desktop computers for all budgets and all uses based on extensive feedback from expert and user reviewers. Windows and Apple desktop computers are covered. Dell XPS 27 Touch Best all-in-one... Read More »

8 Best Laptops Reviews-2019

8 Best Laptops Reviews-2019Unless you are a competitive gamer, you can buy a laptop computer that will do anything and everything you ask of it without blowing your budget to smithereens. Our editors look at expert opinions and user feedback to find the best budget and mainstream laptops that deliver the most bang for the buck. And if... Read More »