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3 Best Office Chair Reviews-2019

3 Best Office Chair Reviews-2019The best office chair should offer solid back and leg support, durable upholstery and plenty of adjustability options so a user can find their own optimum comfort level. ConsumerSearch analyzes hundreds of expert and owner reviews to recommend the best office chairs. Steelcase Leap Best ergonomic office chair Adjustable to the extreme, the Steelcase Leap... Read More »

3 Best Label Maker Reviews-2019

3 Best Label Maker Reviews-2019Label makers are handy for all sorts of organization projects. Today’s label makers are more flexible than the clunky pressure models you might remember. With digital label makers, you can change fonts and sizes for the most readable and decorative labels. We examine user reviews to handpick several models that stand out for their ease... Read More »

3 Best Fax Machine Reviews-2019

3 Best Fax Machine Reviews-2019Although dedicated fax machines are losing ground to multifunction printers, they can still be handy if you send or receive lots of faxes. In a bit of a role reversal, many can copy, scan or print from a computer as well, making them a jack-of-all-trades solution. Our editors analyze hundreds of reviews to find the... Read More »

3 Best Digital Voice Recorder Reviews-2019

3 Best Digital Voice Recorder Reviews-2019Digital voice recorders fill a wide range of roles, from professional models ideal for recording musical performances and interviews to bare-bones models that work perfectly fine for recording lectures and personal notes. Experts and users review a wide range of digital voice recorders. ConsumerSearch analyzes those reviews and name the very best voice recorders for... Read More »

5 Best Standing Desk Reviews-2019

5 Best Standing Desk Reviews-2019Sitting for extended periods of time can be hazardous to your health, research shows, sparking a fast-growing trend of standing — or walking — while you work. Standing desks and treadmill desks are expensive, but those who have used them say they’re great for feeling energized and productive, rather than fatigued and drowsy, during the... Read More »

5 Best Paper Shredder Reviews-2019

5 Best Paper Shredder Reviews-2019A paper shredder protects your privacy by reducing documents bearing your personal data to scraps a thief can’t read. We dug through expert and user reviews to find the best paper shredders for both office and home use, based on features such as speed, run time, jam-free performance, safety features, and noise level. Fellowes Powershred... Read More »

6 Best Scanner Reviews-2019

6 Best Scanner Reviews-2019Scanners let you turn reams of documents, photos and transparent material such as slides, negatives and film into electronic files on your computer. Our editors dig through expert and user reviews to determine which scanner is best overall, and as well top models geared for specific uses. Picks are based on professional testing from experts... Read More »