4 Best Laser Printer Reviews-2019

4 Best Laser Printer Reviews-2019Why buy a black-and-white laser printer? Because these penny-pinching workhorses print the highest quality text, that’s why. Laser printers are the ultra-fast, ultra-cheap, ultra-reliable mainstays of busy offices. Home users can get a great laser printer for as little as $130 too. We scour expert and owner reviews to pick the best buys. Brother HL-2270DW... Read More »

3 Best Color Laser Printer Reviews-2019

3 Best Color Laser Printer Reviews-2019The best color laser printers print out sharp text and good-quality graphics and photos at high speed. We look at the best expert and user reviews of color laser printers to find which ones provide top performance. The best color laser printers for busy offices and budget-friendly models for personal use are named. HP LaserJet... Read More »

4 Best All-in-One Printer Reviews-2019

4 Best All-in-One Printer Reviews-2019Why buy a separate printer, scanner and fax machine when you can get an all-in-one printer that does all of that, and often more? Here’s the lowdown on what reviewers say you should look for when searching for the right multifunction printer for your home or office, and our take on which ones are the... Read More »

5 Best Printer Reviews-2019

5 Best Printer Reviews-2019Multifunction printers might rule the roost in offices and some homes, but stand-alone text and photo printers still have lots going for them. They’re fast, compact, cost-effective and, most important, can deliver output that outshines their all-in-one brethren. The stand-alone printers highlighted here are the ones that experts and users single out as the best... Read More »