Ergobaby 360 Carrier Review

Ergobaby 360 Carrier Review

The Ergobaby was one of the first ergonomic carriers to support a baby’s hips. It was also one of the first to follow the TICKS guidelines for carrying babies.
Comfy for you as well as your baby, the ERGObaby baby carrier can be used until your child’s about 4 years old, and while a bit fiddly to get on and off at first, this carrier is great once you get the hang of it.

The ERGObaby baby carrier is designed without a rigid frame to support your baby with his hips and spine in an anatomically correct way. It’s also flexible – with back, side and front options – and the company boasts about its ethical – both fair labour and environmental – standards.

Ergobaby set out to make a new, fresh carrier that allows baby to face in (as usual), but also allows baby to face outward in an ergonomically correct position – and they did a really nice job! Introducing the Ergobaby Four Position 360.

ErgoBaby 360 Carrier Review - dad

While I love traditional (facing-in) babywearing, sometimes? You gotta change it up a little. And babywearing is babywearing, no matter what the position.

About the Outward Facing

Unlike other carriers that allow outward facing such as the Beco Gemini, the Ergobaby 360 allows baby to be in more of a seated position, rather than in the dreaded “crotch-dangling” position (drink!).

The structured bucket seat of the 360 has more depth than other carriers and allows baby to sit comfortably with her weight resting on her bottom and her knees at the same level as her hips. For more details, watch the instructional video here.

ErgoBaby 360 Carrier Review - hips

To use the outward facing position, you just need to re-button the seat to the narrow seating position and button down the back panel so baby has enough room to see out.

ErgoBaby 360 Carrier Review - outward facing

The suggested window for forward-facing is 5-12 months (up to 22 lbs), which seems a bit short. I know others have used it in this position past 22 lbs and it was just fine, so… do whatever works for you.


The waistband on the 360 is a soft, wide, Velcro band. People either love it or hate it.

ErgoBaby 360 Carrier Review - waistband

Wide Velcro Waistband

Personally, I love it. Here’s why: it’s super wide, soft, and you don’t have a plastic buckle digging into your skin like you do with other carriers. To me, it feels MUCH more supportive for a postpartum belly than the waistbands of other carriers, especially for C-section moms – and the wideness of the band ELIMINATES MUFFIN TOP, y’all (well, technically, your muffin top is still there, it just doesn’t… muffin-out like it does with other carriers).

That said, plenty of people hate the waistband, mainly due to the loud sound Velcro makes when taking it off, which will definitely wake a sleeping baby — and the fact that you can’t easily tighten or loosen it without taking it off. About the velcro noise: I agree it’s not ideal, but you can simply slip baby out if she’s sleeping, put her down, then go in the other room to take it off.


As baby carriers go, the 360 is slim, sleek and sexy – probably the best looking one on the market. It has a sun hood, although not nearly as large as in the traditional Ergobaby carrier. There is no storage pocket, which some people dislike, but it keeps the overall profile of the carrier fairly slim.

low profile

Slim profile

For newborns, you’ll need an additional newborn insert (for 7-12 lbs). However, Ergo’s new Omni 360 carrier ($179) can be used from birth (or 7 pounds) without an infant insert! (Check out our full review of the Omni 360.)

The biggest complaint you’ll read about regarding this carrier has to do with the chest clip (which, in the front carry position is really a back clip). The chest clip is supposed to rest between your shoulder blades in the back and, to clip it by yourself, they recommend that you lengthen the straps allllll the way out, reach back to clip it, then tighten the straps back up again. Many people either 1. don’t realize you can do this, or 2. feel it’s too much trouble to do this. Others don’t seem to mind or just get help from a friend.

The Positions

The 360 is a “4-position” carrier: back carry, hip carry, front facing in, and front facing out (in reality, nobody uses the hip carry, but it technically can be done). Everyone loves a good back carry, especially as baby gets a little heavier.


Other carriers that tout these four positions (namely, the “facing-out” front carry) are the BabyBjorn “Carrier One,” the Beco Gemini, and the LILLEbaby Complete.

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