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Myprotein is the world’s #1 online sports nutrition brand, offering an unrivalled range of health products, supplements and performance clothing to 4 million-strong community.

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Consumer Reviews


Myprotein has been a wonderful company for my protein needs! I like that many of their products are very highly rated by Labdoor. In particular, I am very happy about how highly rated their Whey Isolate protein is rated while at the same time being so nicely priced! The prices at Myprotein are tough to beat – when combined with the quality of the products, the prices are the best out there! I also very much like that I am updated by email on how my shipment is progressing. I really like that and don’t know of any other company that does that.
So, for me, it is the high quality of their products, great prices, along with great service that makes me a very satisfied customer.



This is my go to site for whey protein. They have been consistently providing my muscles with what it needs (whey, casein, vitamins, creatine, etc.) to grow/maintain, while keeping me lean. Shipping has always been fast and free with the minimum purchase. I’ve never had issues, until recently with some supply chain issues at the new warehouse. After many phone calls, a gentleman by the name of Connor was able to get my issue resolved quickly. He was courteous, understanding and knew exactly what needed to be done to make me a happy customers.



I needed some help with the reward point system because I had not received them. I went on the live chat and was immediately sent to a chat with a member named Chris. Chris was very helpful and responded very quickly. He was able to quickly resolve my issue with points not showing up into my accound. Overall a great customer service experience!



I absolutely love Myprotein. It’s the best quality whey protein for an affordable price and that goes for the other products too. I always recommend myprotein to everyone and will continue to buy from them.



Matt set the example for customer service. He was patient and understanding. Rather than repeat standard language that I had heard ten times prior, he took the time to actually listen to my issue and went above and beyond to make sure that it would get resolved. To say that I’m satisfied with his customer service would be an understatement. Thank you, Matt!



I spoke with Chris in the chat he was very quick to respond and helped me in my question regarding the shipping. Great customer service.



Chris was awesome with helping me choose a specific protein since I have some restrictions. Very happy with my service!



Chris was really great and helped me easily and painlessly get a refund for the promotion discount that was not applied to my order previously



I got the 2.2 lb bag of Mocha and the .55 lb bag of Chocolate Mint so I could switch it up if I wanted. Mocha is a solid 10/10 and Chocolate Mint is a close 9.5/10. Both are so easy to get down and the flavor is unmatched. Tastes sweet but not unbearable like other brands I’ve had. I use milk for my shakes and the Mocha taste like I’m drinking coffee and the Chocolate Mint is perfect for anyone who loves mint chocolate chip ice cream! I will definitely buy again and highly recommend!



I’ve been using myprotein for awhile now and I can honestly say that they have improved each and every year. This is by far the best Value protein on the market.



Chocolate Smooth is my favorite flavor. I have tried several flavors, all of them don’t cause protein belly. I buy ahead when discount codes are available but even at full price great value.



Large sizes for good prices. Only downside is that shipping normally takes at least a week from time I place the order.


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