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Pimsleur is one of the longest standing and most popular audio courses out there for learning a foreign language. Their language courses and method are unique, have a strong academic background, and a real reputation for bringing results.

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Consumer Reviews


I do like the app. I’m studying Korean for 2mth &my pronunciation & listening is a lot better thanks to Pimsleur. Only reason for 4 stars are. 1. Some of the words aren’t actually used in conversation regular conversation. 2. For the practice and skills portion, I would really like an option that doesn’t romanize the hanguel. I know there is a function that provided the hanguel but I would like to have the option with just hanguel



Super leuk app! I feel so much more confident after taking these lessons to speak & encouraged to keep on learning. Further and who knows, maybe even learn another language after this. Thanks Pimsleur team! Would have loved to learn further to an advanced level if there was the option to do that with you guys but I’m still grateful for strong foundation your course has given me. Dit was voor mij een mooi cardo! Dank u wel!



I am having such a wonderful experience learning! I feel that I have learned so much in just one week!! 🙂 I highly recommend this app for beginners and it’s a great way to get started on the language you are learning. Also this app is recommended by Ikenna Obi in his book “Fluency Made Easy” His method is incredible and easy to follow. I recommend his book and he recommends this app. 🙂



I am learning to practice having a conversation with what I have learned from previous apps I still use but they don’t teach you how to hold a conversation like this app can and I really love it so far I’m on lesson 3 although I have a little background from learning Japanese I’m still learning new things that I never learned from other apps. Only thing is when practicing the reading session the audio cuts off during explanation and when transitioning to the other number. Hopefully it improves.



What an amazing app. What is next in technology? Wow. Perfect method. This is how humans learn how to talk anyway, so it’s perfect. Easy to use, nice looking too. 🙂 I just wish I could learn more than one language at a time. I speak 4 and I want to use this app to practice and keep them fresh in my memory, but would also like to learn a new (my 5th) at the same time, but it only allows one. I have to go to the settings and change it every time. Which is ok. I’m asking for too much.



The best way I’ve found to improve your speaking skills quickly (besides actual immersion in-person). The method uses a lot of repetition and strikes the perfect balance between pushing you and going at a do-able pace. Suggested improvements: make the app a little more fun and motivating. I’d suggest goals and rewards, similar to Duolingo.



I’ve used babble and duolingo and this is by far the best, I retain so much more information and am able to use it, the progress is fast, duolingo and babble have thier place but if you need to get conversational and build up a vocabulary fast this is the one, it’s alot easier to build off some understanding and vocabulary then off of random words



i gotta say, this app is unbelievably awesome. A tiny bit rough but its seriously awesome and totally worth it. the fact that you can review and quiz yourself on the lessons is amazing. i recommend when you’re quizzing yourself on phrases cover up the answers and try to think of it first. i cant believe that its only its a 3.7 star rating. Pimsleur is one of the best beginner language programs period. you cannot beat the price of this app. if they dont change the price ill use this for years TC



I’ve been on and off studying Japanese for the past 12 years. The way pimsleur teaches is really nice. Great pronunciation and call backs to earlier lessons. Easy to recall words and form your own sentences. Highly recommend for your daily commute. Be sure to repeat outloud!



This app is amazing!! Expensive,yes, but amazing none the less. I can tell by the first lesson that this will help learn you desired language. If u could, i would definitely pay the $20 a month. Definitely worth paying for if you can.



I have tried a lot of methods for learning languages but this is the best. The daily lessons make it easy to learn, first by listening and repeating, then the practice reinforces the lesson.



One of the best resources for learning languages. The app is on the whole stable and well made. My favorite feature is the ability to review words and sentences by category, which is helpful if you want to focus on a particular area. Not to mention the flash cards which are great to further cement what you have learnt.


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