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The Jewellery Channel is a British falling-price auction-style home shopping channel and online retailer specialising in jewellery and gemstones. It is one of the main TV shopping channels in the UK. The channel launched on 4 April 2006, and currently broadcasts 24 hours a day.

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Consumer Reviews


I have bought some wonderful pieces from this company, excellent quality and value, both for myself and others. However, a couple of days ago, I saw a close-out sale sterling silver and diamond, double-strand tennis-style bracelet priced at £69.99. It was late and I decided I’d buy it the next day (yesterday). Well, when I went to do so, I found the price had more than tripled to £249.99! Have sent them an email and so far, all I’ve received has been an acknowledgment. Not feeling very hopeful.



I notice that I did a review in March 2018. I’m still here, and I still defend TJC.
I just got my beautiful Giuseppe Perez ‘Millefiore’ ring delivered today and I love it.
I’ve bought loads of stuff since my last review and not had a problem. Of course there have been a couple of issues in the past, but customer services have given me a refund straight away. One time they even replaced a stone in a ring that I’d had for nearly a year…. FREE OF CHARGE!
In my last review, I said that about one third of my jewellery comes from TJC. I must say that is now well over half and that some of the plain silver pieces that I’ve purchased, are of such good quality that I can wear them with my Georg Jensen pieces and they don’t look out of place.
One of the reviewers here says to ignore the good reviews, as she thinks they were written by TJC. I can assure you that I am nothing to do with the company, except that I am a regular, happy customer.



I feel like I have to write a review as I’m very surprised bu the awful reviews. I came across tjc very recently and as someone who is a magpie to sparkle fell in love with a few pieces. I ordered a eternity ring at a moderate price ( 199.99) it was delivered the next day do I was instantly impressed! It didnt look quite right next to my existing ring so I returned it.i was very nervous after reading these reviews but they sent me an email when they they recieved it and 3 days later the money was back in my account. Amazing service I think. So i then ordered a more expensive ring ( £1499.99)it arrived again the next day by special delivery free of charge. It was amazing and so beautiful so I decided I definitely wanted to keep this one but it wasnt in my ring size. So I rang customer care ( yes they do take a while to answar most times for me 20 mins) but the man told me to return the ring to get it resized. I was even told to ring them back with the tracking number and they would refund my return cost! ( I didnt because tbh I couldn’t be bothered to wait 20 mins to get through again) 1 week after returning my ring it’s back with me sent by special delivery again all resized and ready to wear. My experience with tjc has been amazing just hope my beautiful ring wears well as it’s too early to tell.



Am shocked at reviews on here , having shopped on TJC for years me and my sister everything has always been gorgeous I have lots of there jewellery and wear it everyday I’ve never ever had any items break or loose stones ( unlike other shopping real gem jewellery channels) all items are reasonably priced, there clothing and home wear items always work well and fabrics are amazing quality , I purchase items every week, on occasions when I have had problems I’ve spoken to customer service on the free phone number and yes sometimes it can take 15-20 mins to get through ( doesn’t cost anything) they’ve always been polite and helpful even sending a courier to my home because am disabled to pick purchases up to be refunded, if you want items at a good price I would highly recommend TJC , and if you buy cheap diamonds you get cheap diamonds don’t think your going to get a £3000 ring for £9.99 , understand what items you want and do research first but as stated earlier they have gorgeous items at great prices , give them a try



I was shocked to see their star rating!. I have bought loads from them over the years, no complaints, and have got some beautiful jewellery at very good prices!. They sell the whole spectrum of jewellery from your cheap n cheerful low budget, ie simulated, overlay.. All clearly stated, no misleading.. To fine jewellery, at very competitive price.. I’ve bought the whole spectrum, no complaints!. Have some beautiful jewellery that I love n am very proud of.. And unlike another jewellery channel, my purchases look the same as on screen.. Other channel have sent loads back due to gems not being the same quality shown, looking alot paler(even allowing for screen, lighting etc).. Do not let the bad reviews put you off, I’ve shopped with them many years, many treasures loved.. Have sent things back when changed my mind after impulse buy, no issues..



I have bought a lot of jewellery from Tjc and never had any problems. Yes! I do think their Customer Services could be improved. Especially with the speed of refunds. But!!! I would rather buy from Tjc than That pretentious company Gems and their constant shouting fake presenters.. P.s. Tjc’s jewellery on e bay is not cheaper as one comment stated.



I can’t believe some of the reviews. I’ve bought from tjc since day one. I’ve had some amazing buys – including jewellery, household goods, beauty, etc., etc. Generally speaking “You get what you pay for!” I find that if you’re buying a .25ct diamond ring, set in silver, for £14:99, it stands to reason that the diamonds are not going to be of a high quality. It’s not rocket science! Also diamond jewellery with certification doesn’t make the diamonds of a high quality – the proof is within the details on the certificate – understanding the diamond quality doesn’t take much effort as diamond quality guides are on the internet, and also many jewellers have these details on free leaflets. Keep these details and refer to them before ordered jewellery from tjc. I have spent literally thousands of pounds with tjc. I also buy reasonably priced items specifically for my local charity shop – where both staff and customers appreciated the goods. I’ve never had any problems with Customer Service or lack of communications with tjc.



Hi all at tjc my experience has always been good i don’t have any problems with products or delivery or service



Thank you TJC for my stunning Amethyst and Zircon drop earrings. There is so much sparkle in them, stone quality and ct weight is amazing, the design is so beautiful so was the price, thank you for making beautiful jewellery affordable for everyone.



I always watch TJC but never buy, i like to have it on in the background when i’m at my desk working but on Friday evening i noticed a item come up that i wanted, the card holder powerbank thing.

I placed my order on Friday 21st of June at 8.06pm. It was shipped Saturday 22nd of June at 9.11pm and it was here Monday 24th at 12.36pm.

Actually shocked how fast it has arrived. Ordered Friday night here Monday Morning!



I have been shopping with The Jewellery Channel for years and have found the company to be excellent. Deliveries are fast. Returns are refunded quickly and they email when they receive returns. On one occasion I bought a low priced cz silver ring and one of the stones dropped out. I rang customer service and the lady told me just to keep the ring and she refunded the amount back into my account. It was only £10 but I thought it was a great gesture. I have bought lots of higher priced items and I am extremely happy with the quality. I always check out similar items online for price comparison before buying and mostly find them great value. Its a shame reading some of the negative reviews as my experience has always been very positive. I am buying their Swarovski Zirconia range at the moment and the pieces are beautiful. The rings set into 9ct gold are a bit expensive for czs but they are fabulous and more expensive elsewhere. I would be interested to know from tjc how long these Swarovski zirconias last? I will continue to buy from tjc and always find lots of reasonably priced Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews. Thank you tjc.



I bought a pair of Lucy Q earrings and discovered that they were both the same and not mirror images of each other so unbearable.
Contacted customer services at TJC. They sent me a prepaid label to send them back and within the week they had sent me the new pair.
I was very pleased indeed.
I have been buying things from TJC since the beginning .


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